Having your dents repaired using paintless dent removal system will save you money, time and hassle

Dent Pro – paintless dent removal for your vehicle


Dent Pro – paintless dent removal for your vehicle
Do you have a dent, a ding or a crease in your car? If you’re looking for PDR (that’s paintless dent removal to you and I) come straight to Dent Pro and get it sorted today.
We offer a service that aims to restore all dents and dings to their previous good condition. We can handle small or large dents providing they don’t have broken paint. The reason for this is it will only split and damage the paint work further. With paint work in tacked we are good for paintless dent removal repair.
By the time we’re finished with your car, you’ll wonder if you imagined it! That’s how good our dent man service is, and how impressed you’ll be with it.
Sterling customer service all the way
Of course we understand you expect far more than just a properly repaired dent or ding. We’re pretty sure you’d like outstanding customer service too. Our business has been built on recommendations and many happy customers. While we’re sure you’d rather not come back to us with another dent, we’d like it if you felt you could!
That’s why we provide top notch customer service all the way. From the moment you get in touch to the moment we complete repair the dent, we want you to be more than satisfied with our service. As you can see, you can rely on us in more ways than one. If you’re looking for a reliable and reasonably priced dent repair service, give us a try today.
Super fast quotes for dent repair
When you’re unlucky enough to get a dent, whether it’s in a car park or you misjudge a manoeuvre of some kind, we realise you want a fast return to normal.
That’s why we provide a super fast quote service. Just take a picture of the damage on your mobile phone and send it to 07798 726130 and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can with a quote.
Alternatively you can upload a picture of the damage to our website along with your details, and we’ll take a look and send you a quote ASAP. Either way, it’s a win-win situation for you: not to mention an example of just how fast and efficient our service is every step of the way.


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  • 0161 761 6773
  • 07798726130
  • info@dentpro.biz


Get a Free Quote

To get a quote please upload pictures of your dents to us,please check that the point work is not broken as we only repair the dent and not the paint work. WE will get back to you with a quote ASAP usually within 30 minutes.

Client Testimonal

Made up! Somebody dented my new Honda Accord on the front wheel arch on the drivers side in a car park and didn't own up. I saw the damage and was gutted thinking it would never be the same and would cost a fortune to repair.